Much More than a Job Shop


Niekamp Tool Company is much more than a job shop offering simple machining and stamping. We do some of our best work before we turn on our machines. Let us work with you to provide you complete solutions in terms of both design and value. We only take a job when we know we can complete it on time, on budget, and on spec. We make it right,or we don’t make it at all.

Our Capabilities include :
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Shower Safety Handle


We worked with a local Mental Health facility to develop a new Suicide Prevention Shower Handle designed to discourage attempts at self-harm. Currently the design fits directly onto Powers© brand (Hydroguard Series 410) valves that were used at many NY facilities such as prisons and psychiatric units. (Update: Powers has recently modified the stock bezel for the 410 valve and is no longer a direct fit. In response to this we will manufacture a bezel similar to the Symmons(c) model above.)

We were brought in on this project because the current solutions were simply not practical for use with soapy hands. Our design solved the slippery issues and even looked better. We are in the process now of fitting the Suicide Prevention Shower Handle design to other valve brands and styles. Call 800-354-3569 for more info.

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  • Hyundai SKT21 LMS Mill/Turn Lathe with 2.5 bar and 8″chuck
  • Daewoo Lynx 200 CNC Lathe with 2″ bar capacity and 8″ chuck
  • 17″ Southbend 8ft Bed with 10″ Chuck
  • 14″ Rockwell 4ft Bed 5C Collet, 8″Chuck, Jacobs Collet
  • 15″ Leblond Makino with 12″ Chuck
  • 9″ Clausing with tail turret- attachment

  • Eisele 3.5″ Precision Cold Saw
  • Kalamzoo 8CW Band Saw up to 9″ round or 8″x12″
  • 20″ Upright Band Saw
  • 12″ Upright Band Saw
  • 12″ Wheel Abrasive Cut Off

  • Yang Eagle 600 SMC Vertical Machining Center
  • YCM 40 Vertical Knee Mill with Anilam Crusader M
  • 5 Manual Milling Machines, Excello, Alliant, South Bend

  • Brown & Sharp 8×18 Wet/Dry Auto Surface Grinder
  • Ried 6×18 All manual with Pope Spindle Surface
  • Boyer-Shultz 6×12 Surface
  • Brown & Sharp Universal ID-OD

Laser Engraver
  • TYKMA Zeta 10W Laser Engraver with Rotary Head

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NTC is a full service machine shop. From design assistance to production we meet customers at the door with service in mind. We make production parts and tooling for companies in our area, eg. Alcoa, Ametek, ORI, TRMI. On a broader scope NTC produces Opto-mechanicals for Lifetouch and NVIS, confidentially parts for many others. We tend to avoid automotive and hobby folks, but we do occasionally take on little projects and inventions for fun.

Designs for complex assemblies are done here in SolidWorks and machined by our highly skilled staff using CNC and conventional techniques.
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